November 2022 might feel hard but it’s nothing compared to what going on in the rest of the World

I was thinking that November in Paris with the transportation situation is quite difficult and annoying, day are shorter and shorter and overall my happiness is going down in flames. But then I can’t forget the fact that I am leaving a mostly peaceful and secured little life in a country where I can relatively safely express my opinions.


Well it’s difficult to know what’s happening there, all I can see is that young people are getting headshot in the middle of the street while protesting in the streets. I read two days ago that the state condemned 14,000 people to death penalty… and the rest of the World is just watching and doing nothing about it. Like if the West was for the first time thinking that it’s alright to let people die in their own country and that it should be the course of history to let them make their own revolution alone somehow?


The missile falling in Poland two days ago scared the Polish as f. They just figured out that France would probably let them down if they would be under attack and their neighbors and USA reaffirmed they would indeed help them, what a shame…

Meanwhile Russians after leaving Kherson decided to somehow revenge the night after by launching 100 missiles to their infrastructures and civils… Each time there is a little feeling that this conflict might end up in a negociation, they do something so crazy and horrible. I only wonder with the upcoming winter how they will survive without electricity. Everyday we discover that occupied territories were the scene of massacres and torture.


I was reading that countless rich Chinese were escaping the country for the last few months, seeing what China has been doing for the last few years, it’s only a matter of time before they would decide to make them come back and pay for leaving. China is still trying to apply a zero covid policy that makes a already tired population trying to escape by all means the quarantined area and you can tell that the situation is explosive, even hough they have millions of police agents.

Also on a economic standpoint, they still suffer from the crash of Evergrande empire. The central government had to pay billions and billions of yuans to refund their millions and millions of clients who sometimes lost all their savings. Meanwhile China is closing itself more and more to the rest of the World.

I am not critical against Xi last thought about a more sustainable economy and rejecting the capitalism in the way that they prefer lower return on investments than high returns and big risks. I would say it’s the smartest system and the best of both world but foreign investors won’t follow and we’ll see if China can survive on its own market.


I don’t like talking about France because my opinion about it is changing depending on my mood of the day. What about Paris then? Well hmmm I don’t know what’s worse the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris logo or the new mascot that is supposed to be a revolution hat but looks like something in between Eiffel Tower and a clitoris. I would definitely prefer it to be a clitoris. Period.

Recession is coming and I was planning for it quite earlier im fact but somehow will all the peoples money the government is injecting in the economy we lasted longer than expected. The ugly truth is that we don’t have unlimited money and at some point if we want to pay for everything we’ll have to raise taxes which are already super high. Salaries are stagnating and the cost of life is sky rocketing… it won’t work in the long run.

The paris transportation company can still paralyze the biggest city a week after the country had been paralyzed for a month because of gas shortages organized by some syndicat of workers. Like if we didn’t need to work at all and that it was ok to not be able to go to work.


I won’t share about the political side of the story but it seems the country is at loss since Boris and the Brexit. The super rich are safe but the rest if paying a super high cost to this crazy decision, even so if they were told the exact opposite by their medias and politics. They can’t sell much to EU, their fishermen are desperate while they were told they would make bigger profits, the government is not protecting any households from the crazy energy bills. The health system is under water, with getting mild urgent surgeries with waiting list of 1/2 years…


We are lucky that the US are protecting Europe with their incredible capacity to deploy huge amount of weapons. Meanwhile the recession is starting to cripple the economy with huge layoffs in majors companies and gas prices climbing everyday. But somehow they seem to do much better than the rest of the World still.

The crash of FTX has ruined many Americans who trusted their idols telling them that this platform running from Bahamas was a safe and secure bet for their savings. Just by putting this words on paper, you could probably start to rethink this “opportunity”.

The bright side

We are not at war, I mean, world war 3 has not started and we are not in a nuclear winter. I know it does sound a little dark. Most of us still have jobs and can afford electricity and food. We are trying to enjoy life like nothing happened, neither Covid or Russia attacking Ukraine.

I love my future wife and she is all what matter in the end, I hope the world will be more at peace in the next years and that we could work on maybe saving what’s left to save of the planet and humans living on it.

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