Cylindrical UFOs shot by F-22 fighters…

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Americans have been scrutinizing the sky the past weeks looking for another potential “Chinese weather balloon” and the in fact found a bunch of UFOs in the air which they shot down. We don’t have pictures yet of these but they were described by the military as cylindrical objects flying at 40,000ft.

The Chinese weather balloon

Predictably, this so-called weather balloon had a bunch of extra equipment and was much more like equipped like a surveillance satellite. I am surprised the Americans did not shoot him much earlier than when he reached the Atlantic ocean.
According to some, it was able to intercept and localize communication, I can only wonder why China would need this kind of balloon when at the same time they launch so many satellites and as they say, so many successful launches…

I have lived in China, and one thing I can tell for sure, is that you can never trust what the government is telling you. They don’t only lie to their citizens they lie to the World. Covid was a first of a kind, I don’t see why we should trust them ever again?

The mysterious cylindrical objects

When you look a bit over the internet, this kinds of objects have been seen by different people at different occasions, either by pilots or by amateur astronomers, here is an example 👇

It is much more likely that these UFO are lost balloons from past scientific experiences. I found an article relating about one of those being shot after being lost in Canadian air space.

Of course, it could be some extra terrestrial object but why would it be stuck between 40,000ft and our satellites ?

Somehow it’s only in North America?

Not sure why, maybe Europe is covered by mysterious balloons and no one has seen them yet? Or maybe it’s just that some countries are interested in spying USA, we could in fact imagine that some countries who do not have surveillance satellites would be tempted to use these balloons.

I have to admit this is kind of an exciting subjects, bringing us back to all the movies and books about extraterrestrial life invading Earth.

Looking into this more, I found another report with this time a picture, of a saucisse shaped cylinder floating in the sky:

This one looks more like the kind of joke I would do if I had money, which is buying a giant sausage balloon and fill it with helium… 😄

I had a close look at some French news to see if I could see UFOs, or as they say “OVNI” and I found this one :

The cylindrical object was flying at night and quite fast, not sure what it could be either. As you can see on the video there is quite a lot of wind, so hypothetically it could be the same cylinder with this time light inside.

But at the same time, the other cylinders picture were taken on daylight and seemed to have some kind of reflecting on it, so maybe these objects are in fact always with light inside. 🤷‍♂️

To be continued

credit image by Photo de Michael Herren on Unsplash

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